Game 1 – Bad Dudes (NES)

In 1989, Data East (who would go on to make Shadowrun on the SNES), ported their arcade game “Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja” to the NES. This is one of those games that’s been iconic less for how good of a game it is, and more of because of how ridiculous the story premise is. As explained by the opening slide:


The game immediately questions your badass-itude. You pick to play either Blade or Striker, who are essentially exactly the same except for different color schemes. So really it comes down to who’s name do you think is more badass, and that’s Blade by a longshot. So I get dropped into the game to fend off a seemingly endless onslaught of ninjas.


I’ve never really seen much of the gameplay of Bad Dudes, mostly because any time anyone ever talks about it, it’s talking about the premise of the game instead. It plays reminiscent of a lot of beat ’em ups from that era, Double Dragon comes to mind. It has a very paced feel to it. You get to a point where you can pretty much anticipate where enemies are going to pop out, and it’s really just a timing game as you deal with the same enemies. It’s very methodical. I died the first run through, but once I got it down I breezed through the rest of the game pretty quickly, maybe an hour. The bosses were pretty fun, I thought. Also, this theme that played on stages 2 and 5 was pretty awesome.

In the end, after a boss run re-fighting all the bosses from the previous stages, you finally kill the Dragon Ninja before he takes off with the president


I thought the final boss was one of the easiest in the game, which was kind of disappointing. Either way, the president is saved.




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